Premium options

1Payment rules
When you select an option, the quantity to be ordered for each option is automatically equal to that of all the mobeesites you ordered. The price of each option is however forfeited (capped - limited) to 10 from the 11th mobeesite. Our promotional program allows you to pay for everything from the same 11th option.
2Using pop-up
The "pop-up" makes it possible to highlight information on your mobeesite in an eventful way: a product, a promotion, a sales period, an event ... The pop-up appears at the opening of the mobeesite. You can change it at any time to adapt your communication campaign. First create a category. Select "my categories" in the "my mobeesites" tab, - click on "add a category" and name your category, Then create a pop-up. click on the "edit pop-up info" button under the created category and insert the images, texts and links you want, All you have to do is associate your mobeesite with this category and you're done!
3Using signature
The "Signature" is offered with the "Pop-up" option. It is presented in the form of a small paw on the homepage of the mobeesite and allows to put forward information: the name or site of one of your partners, a product, an address. Improve your SEO. The text of the signature is taken into account by the search engines. Therefore we recommend that you insert a 200 word long texte describing your activity. The pop-up and signature are associated with a category. On the mobile, and any type of explorer (mobile, tablet, PC, Mac), press the paw tab to the right of the screen and the signature slides to the left: image and text. Press again and the signature disappears to the right.
4Using stats
The "Stats" option allows you to have a precise inventory of the activity on your mobeesite in real time: number of visits, connection time, number of completed forms. It is a great tool to adapt your communication in real time.
5How to create a category
You can create as many categories as you want, in order to have several communication campaigns. This also allows you not to have to recreate them during the year.   The category option is associated with the "Pop-up and Signature" option. Order the pop-up option and you will be able to organize your mobeesites by categories and conduct different pop-up campaigns on each category of mobesesites. Click on the bottom of the mobeesite on "associate to a category" and select the category.   For customers whose accounts have been created by a mobeefox reseller, by associating the mobeesite with the category "No category", you authorize your partner to associate one of his campaigns with your mobeesite. For your part, your reseller must create a "MANAGER" category with its pop-up and signature that will match your category "No category".
6Using Design
The Design option allows you to customize your buttons and pictograms (shape and color). To do this, create them on a drawing software (not supplied by mobeefox) and upload them to your library of buttons and pictograms. Make your buttons in the form of fish, surfboards, etc. Your customers will recognize your brand.
7Becoming a reseller
Create a new service with high added value. Become a reseller by selecting the reseller option. To become a reseller, the following is obligatory : 1- Send us the reseller contrat duly completed and signed, 2- Pay your annual subscription, 3- Send us your company registration and VAT numbers, 4- A copy of proof of company registration dated less than 3 months. You will only become a reseller once our services have endorsed your application. So as to be operational in the best possible delay, we recommend that you also subscribe to a year of Assistance.
8Extranet button
Mobeefox makes it possible to make documents available via a compatible browser. You may wish to complete this public space by a private space. The mobeefox extranet is a button and an environment that allows to create this private space. Dematerialize your documents for your customers - members - partners.   You will define: the level of security of access, the users being authorized, the main directories of documents (themes), and accessible documents. There is only one extranet management space in your account. And you can place the extranet button on one or more of your mobeesites.   Documents can be images and pdf, and you can also add other types of documents. For reasons of bandwidth on mobiles, these can not exceed the size of 2Mo per document. The number of documents is limited. To enlarge this space contact us. As an option, your billing software can file documents in FTP in this extranet space. Contact us for a quote. Security levels: - None: By pressing the button, the mobinaut is directed to the space of the 1st account that you have created, - Login: The mobinaut enters only a login, - Login and Password: The user entered the login and password.
9Emptying Facebook cache
If your image does not appear on facebook, and after making sure that it is 200x200, you can empty the Facebook cache for that URL. Go to this page: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/   Enter the url address of your mobeesite, example: https://mobeefox.fr/N ° of your mobeesite Clicking Fetch new scrap information clears the cache for this URL. Click several times until you see your image and text in the "When shared, this is what will be included" box on this page.   Then, on this page, you have the detail of the information that Facebook recovers to display the sharing box
Premium mobeesite subscription is 5 € Tax excl. per month or 54 € Tax excl. when you subscribe for a year.   In addition, here are your options:   - Assistance and tele-training in the use of your mobeesites, request assistance via the contact form of our site with phone callback or return mail from us. If you have a one year subscription, this includes our tips and a basic tele-training on novelties. If you are not a Reseller and have more than 3 mobeesites, you must subscribe to this service.   - Teletraining course: 150 € Tax excl. - Training or accompaniment ½ day: 325 € before tax, excluding travel expenses. - Your domain name with redirection to mobeefox: contact us To order your options go to your account, click on "Pack", order the number of premium mobeesites, select your options and click "Continue" to proceed to payment.
11Customizing your URL address
With the pop-up option you can customize your mobeefox URL in the following form : www.mobeefox.com/"your name " To do this, in your creation space, click on the top of the mobeesite on "my URL" and enter your name. Mobeefox tests the availability of the word as you type. If available, validate your URL. If it is not available, try something else and make sure there are no capital letters or accents in your word. You can change your URL at any time. Be careful, as soon as you drop a custom URL, it becomes available to other customers. The QR-code contains your ID number so that your QR-code can be maintained over time, regardless of the URL you are going to customize, which always returns to this ID number. So you do not have to change your QR-code, regardless of the URL customization. The identifier number always appears on the mobeesite page.
12How to create a quiz button
Subscribe to the "Quiz" and "Design" options (Design recommended). Drag and drop the quiz button(s), set the winning button(s) by checking the box, add an image and text. Then in your "quiz management" space create your quiz, associate it with your mobeesite, give it a start date and an end date. Do not forget to follow our recommendations and add your contest rules. Your customers will flash to play ! The people who press the winning button are invited to complete the "contact" form that you will find in your "quiz management" space. Then you can filter/export your contacts. All fields are mandatory. If you want to do a draw, use the button and set the number of winners to draw. Beware, for a person playing several times in the game, there is no duplicate in the base because only the last time played is retained in the base.