Your advantages

Mobeefox is an internet platform that allows you to generate a dynamic QR-code in order to create and modify in a few minutes your personalized interactive services around packaging:

Recipes of the moment, Tips of the month, Geo-locate the nearest store, Know the ingredients that make up the product, Be alerted on allergens, Play a quiz, Alert the manufacturer, Tips of the moment, Recipe of the day, Pay , Video, ...

Even when the product is already with the Customer. Without downloading apps !

Traceability and transparency of information: Scan the QR-code, select the DLC (or batch number): the card (map) displays on the smartphone the origin of the ingredients that make up the product. The information is automatically retrieved from the manufacturer's purchasing software. (Bronze Medal LEPINE Competition)

Short circuits: By clicking on the ingredients on the “traceability” card, the consumer can be put in contact with the local producer.

Eco-responsible packaging: Go for export with a unique packaging that automatically displays information on the smartphone in the language of the consumer. Less consumption of raw materials (dematerialized instructions - reduced packaging size - no packaging for each language). (LEPINE Competition Gold Medal)

Recycling assistance: Scan the QR-code to view good product recycling practices (video - texts and images - nearest recycling location).

Consumer alert and consumer feedback: The manufacturer can alert consumers by creating a pop-up that will be displayed when scanning the QR-code. In addition, the consumer can alert the manufacturer by spontaneously sending a photo with commentary in one click. The manufacturer receives an email alert and visualizes his dissatisfied customers on a map in order to analyze the reasons.

  • Save raw material
  • Provide more information than the surface of a package can display
  • Create a link with consumers despite a distribution circuit that obscures the relationship
  • Display the ingredients that make up the product and the batch
  • Simple to create and modify
  • No app to download
  • Statistics in order to modify and adapt the services
  • Your same Qr-code displays different services depending on the location, time and language of the customer (other criteria in the future)
  • New features every year,
  • Reduced budget, proportional to the use (see here the packages)

Why Mobeefox ? What digital experts recommend :

4 people out of 5 possess a Smartphone and/or a tablet,

4 people out of 5 want to access information without having to download an application,

After having searched for information on their Smartphone :


of mobinauts contacted the company,


visited them,


talked about it to others,


bought something.

It is therefore necessary to favor action !

Over 50% of purchases are done through mobiles !

The mobile is now central to your client's-consumer's behavior.

The mobile has become« first » !

Contactless technologies favor immediate action and permit spontaneous access to the right information right from the Smartphone.

  • Establish the client relationship wherever your client may be and independently to your distribution circuit,
  • Better the flow towards your stores - online store - social media,
  • Make your brand/product/activity go viral and encourage loyalty,
  • Inform with pertinent information and reassure on your authenticity, here and now,
  • Create added value in services and information for your supports,
  • Integrate your supports into a global client/user behavior consideration...
  • See your stats on the global map and check your client zones, analyse and measure your marketing campaigns real-time.
Packaging, advertising, goodies, industry, tourism, events, etc.
C’est très simple, souscrivez directement en ligne ou demandez un de nos packs.
  1. Create and change your multimedia environment in just minutes, linked to your products/packaging/supports,
  2. Send them out into the world,
  3. Check your stats, measure your communication/information campaign impact, change/update your multimedia environment real-time without changing the access methods.
Go from a « one to all » to a « one to many» communication.
Your packagin/product/support recognizes the language and geographical position of your mobinaut and delivers the right information on their Smartphone, making it smart !
From a single contactless technology, personnalize your communication depending on the language and localization of your mobinauts.

Are you ready ?

If the following terms are important to you or your clients, become SMART :

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