Managing my QR-codes

1Access QR codes
Click on the « My mobeesites » tab « My QR codes ».
2Testing a QR code
On the mobeesite creation interface, click on "Test". Your QR-code will appear. Flash it and test your mobeesite realtime !
3Downloading and sharing a QR code
After accessing your mobeesites, click on the pen under the mobeesite you want. You will then access the mobeesite creation screen. Click on "download" just right of the QR-code on screen. Or download it from the list of QR-codes that you can access from the "my mobeesites" tab, then "my QR-codes". Click on "share" to send the code directly to your social media. Don't forget that your clients can also share it from your mobeesite using the "share" button. See "social media button" chapter.
4Emptying the Facebook cache
If your image doesn't appear on Facebook using the "share" button, and after having made sure that the image is 220x200 in size, you can empty the Facebook cache for this URL. https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/ Type in your mobeesite url, ex.: http://www.mobeefox.fr/mobeesite number. Click on Fetch new scrap information permits you to empty this URL's cache. Click until you can see your image and text in the "When shared, this is what will be included" space. Then, on this page, you will see the detail of the information that Facebook recuperates to show up in the share box.