Create a Premium mobile app with it's QR-code

1Mobeesite structure
In the Premium version, your mobeesite is composed of a home page and up to six sub-pages. Thanks to the "new page" button on the right, you can create your sub-pages that the user will access from the home page.Add the page background and your logo. Click, slide and drop up to six "new page" buttons on to the active homepage.
2Organize your pages
To modify a page, at any time, click on a page you are creating by clicking on it in the left menu. A new active page then appears on the left. Click on the page you want to modify in the left tree. Sub-pages can only be created from the home page so as to simplify navigation for mobile users.
3Change your buttons
Click on the button on the mobeesite, choose a pictogram and information linked to the button.
4Change your backgrounds
Click on "change background" in the right menu. Change the background color, choose one of the library backgrounds or upload your own background image. You can choose the way your background image shows up.
5PDF - Images - Sound - Video Buttons
Click, slide and drop a button : - "document" and simply upload your PDF document. Beware! Your PDF should weigh less than 5 Mb for optimal mobile reading. PDF's are unloaded to our server and shown in a reader on the user's smartphone. The mobinaut can then decide to download the document to keep it. - "images" you can associate up to six images to your button and give them titles. - "sound" just upload your sound file to the button. Only MP3, WAV and OGG formats are accepted of a less than 5 Mb size for optimal reading. - "video" enter the URL to your video. Your video must already be available online before you do so (ex.: Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, blog, website,…). Don't forget that your video will be viewed on a mobile and so make it short, sweet and adapted.
6Social Media
To insert a link to your Facebbok page for example, click, slide and drop the Facebook button to the Smartphone on the screen. Enter the button name, choose the button color and text color. Copy and glue the URL of your Facebook page into the corresponding field. For any other social media, just rename the button and choose or upload the right pictogram. To share your mobeesite, whether you do or don't have a Facebook page, use the "Facebook Share" button. You can complete the post button with a text that the user will not be able to change. This option depends on Facebook share policy.
7Contact - Newsletter - Phone - Content page Buttons
Contact button : add a contact button. Adapt the fields you want. Enter the e-mail address you want contact requests to go to. Select the fields you want the client to be able to fill. Find the right hitch line to encourage the mobinaut to fill the fields in. Have you considered a quizz? You will find the copy of all contact requests under "My contacts". You can export them to Excel. Newsletter button : You simply want people to be able to subscribe to your newsletter? This button permits subsciption simply by entering an e-mail address. You can find the list of subscribers under "My contacts - Newsletter subscribers" You can export the list to Excel. The difference with the contact button is that you will not receive a message informing you of subscriptions. Phone Button : Name your button. Complete it by entering a phone number and choose colors. By pressing this button, the mobinaut will call the number which will appear to them. Content Button : each paragraph consists in up to three titles, blocks of text and images. The text can be visually adapted (size, colors, bold, etc.) and have hypertext links.
8Address - Link to Buttons
Address Button : Enter the address represented in Google Maps and if needs be re-position the marker. The mobinaut can then geolocalize the address by pressing this button. Link to Button : Enter the URL address to which this button must link. the mobinaut will then be directed to the page. Beware that the page is responsive and can be easily read on a mobile. You can even send the mobinaut to another mobeesite.
9Save your mobeesite
Once your mobeesite is created, click on "save my mobeesite". The button is red as soon as there is information to save.
10Publish - un-publish your mobeesite
Once your mobeesite is saved, click on "Activate my mobeesite" in the creation interface to publish your mobeesite and generate your permanent QR-code and it's URL. Click on the online/offline sign. When you save your mobeesite, if it isn't already online, you will be invited to put it online.
11Use the logo
The logo is not mandatory. To add a logo, click twice on the logo space at the top of the Smartphone and choose an image or click, slide and drop it. It will be sized automatically. Your logo will be applied to all the pages of your mobeesite. You may delete it at any time just by pressing the red cross.
12Associate or dissociate your account to/from that of a reseller.
You are a mobeefox client and pay directly to Mobeefox.Nothing changes if you associate your account to that of a reseller except that they will be ably to access and modify your mobeesite as well as you. How to associate your account : enter the reseller code you have been given into your back office. You are sole responsible of the decision and choice of your reseller. Please read our GCUS. The reseller can access your account and has the same rights as you. They can add, delete, change mobeesites. Buying will be done on your account. You will remain a Mobeefox client. How to disassociate : click on "disassociate my reseller". You will once again be the only one to have rights on your account.