Create your dynamic and editable QR-code

And add multimedia and interactive services !

Add in a few clicks personalized services around your products - packaging - business cards - promotional items - flyers - brochures - showcases - vehicles - etc:

Traceability - Display the origin of the ingredients that make up your products - Recipes of the day - Advice of the moment - images - videos - quiz games - Allergen alerts - Consumer alerts - Photo games - Private extranet area - links to website and social networks, etc. ....

Your same QR-code displays different services and information depending on language and location. So, for example, your same packaging can display the advice of the moment in Paris, while in Rennes it will be the nearest store.

View your statistics - your catchment areas and the rate of use of your various services.

Mobeefox imagined the Mobeesite!

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