Make your "mobeesite" cloud based mobile application 
Your mobeesite automatically generates a sustainable URL and QR-code. Ask us for NFC tags.

A mobeesite is your interactive multimedia content accessible straight from your products - packaging - business cards - goodies - flyers - shop window - vehicles, etc.
Put your services and added value out there : authenticity - made in - quizzes - tutorials and tips - online documents… with a video - pictures..., and connect your client directly to the producer.
Don't waste any more time in Facebook page animation...thanks to mobeefox, your clients will do it for you! They will make your content go viral at the touch of a button.
With the SMART option, add intelligence! Your mobeesite recognizes your client's language and geo-localisation and shows the adapted and contextualized content.
Use geo-marketing to your advantage, check the real-time map to see where and ow much your mobeesites are viewed so you can compare and adapt your campaigns.

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