Using a URL address

1Your mobeesite's URL address
The URL will appear above your mobeesite in your creation space as soon as the mobeesite is activated. You can copy and link it to your mails and documents. Customizing my mobeefox URL: With the pop-up option you can customize your mobeefox URL in the form www.mobeefox.com/"your name " To do this, in your creation space, click on the top of the mobeesite on "my URL" and enter your name. Mobeefox tests the availability of the word as you type. If available, validate your URL. If it is not available, try something else and make sure there are no capital letters or accents in your word. You can change your personalized address at any time. Be careful, as soon as you abandon a URL, it becomes available to other clients. The QR-code contains your ID number that returns you to your custom URL, allowing your QR-code to be preserved over time, whatever URL you are going to customize, which always returns to this identifier number . So you do not have to change your QR-code, regardless of which URL you customize. The identifier number appears on the mobeesite page (www.mobeefox.com/N °).   Buy a domain name: You can subscribe or ask us to subscribe to a domain name. Sites such as https://www.gandi.net allow you to reserve a domain name. In this case it is necessary to select and complete the permanent redirection in order to direct it permanently and exclusively to the url of your mobeesite.You access your mobeesite by your URL address. Once on the mobeesite the URL mobeefox of the mobeesite is visible (www.mobeefox.fr/N ° of mobessite). If you wish, we can provide you with this service. In this case, this domain name option imposes an annual fixed fee and the renewal of the mandatory contract failing the abandonment of the domain name.