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Pricing (without VAT) PACKS Bronze  Silver  Gold Full Startup FullSmart  Withelabel
Number of mobeesites included in the pack 1 1 1 1 2 100
Pack Pro, including 1 mobeesite, it’s QR-code and mobeefox URL, homepage with up to 6 sub-pages, 1 to 6 buttons per page
Pop-up Referencing Url: Prepare your pop-up campaigns to put your information/event/promotion forward. Add key words to better your web your referencing. Plan your pop-up campaign dates in advance and add one or more per mobeesite.
Create your qualified contact base using the “contact” button and find out what your clients have to say.
Customize your mobeesite URL. Example:  
Use the Paypal “pay” button. Requires at least a 3G connection, to open a paypal account, and accept their conditions of use. Limited to  1 type of product/service per button. You can create more than 1 “pay” button.  
Stats LIGHT : follow and analyse the use of your mobeesites so you can adapt your communication.
Design : create your own library of pictograms, buttons and choose the shape of your buttons (rectangular or square or your own shape).  
With advanced statistics, visualize in real time on a map the places where your customers flash your supports / products, as well as the buttons they used.
Quizz button – create your quizz (begin and end dates – add your rules), create fun “won” and “lost” quizz buttons and draw your winners.  
Photo Button – Effortlessly liven up your social networks! Your customers post photos that you moderate, select, comment on and send in one click to Facebook and Instagram. Also to be used to send proof of purchase (discount coupons), report an incident (supporting photo)……  
Add intelligence and geo-marketing ! Prepare your mobeesites epr language/store/localisation, place them on the world map. The mobinaut will see the closest mobeesite in their language (that you will have created beforehand).
Traceability button, display on your customers’ smartphones a map showing the origins of the ingredients that make up your product – by batch / DLC – manual updates via CSV file    
Extranet button, drop your documents into your client space so that each client may access it through a private button.
Mail and contact form assistance  
The URL addresses of your mobeesites in your name! Your Private Server (VM) on our servers, with your domain name and your HTTPS certificate: Mobeefox white label!
Yearly subscription (without VAT) 350 € 600 € 800 € 1.200 € 1.900 € 5.500€
1st year fee 350 € 450 € 750 € 900 € 1.800€  4.000€
Aditionnal mobeesite : 100 € 200 € 600 € 700 € 750 €  included