I forgot to renew my subscriptions

1How will I know ?
Before your subscription ends, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to renew your subscription.
2How can I reactivate ?
Simply connect to your account and renew your subscription.
3What happens to my mobeesites if I don't renew my subscription ?
Your mobeesites are deactivated as are your QR-codes for a maximum duration of 30 days. Do not wait to renew your subscription to not risk seeing them deleted.
4Can I get them back if I renew my subscription ?
If you renew under 30 days following deactivation, you will find all of your mobeesites as before as soon as you have validated your payment. If you renew after 30 days, we cannot guarantee that your mobeesites will still be there as we cannot guarantee disk space that would be a lost cost for us. You would therefore be charged over 30 days for accommodation and reopening.